Thigh Holsters: a Great Way for Women to Keep a Handgun Hidden

by admin on November 30, 2012

[contextazon id='18']In this dangerous world there are many women who are willing to carry a pistol for protection. Deciding the best way to keep a handgun hidden, while wearing it, has always been a challenge. One of the most popular methods is by using a thigh holster.

During the summer months a thigh holster might not work well when wearing shorts. As the winter months approach, it is one of the better options available for wearing a handgun. There are many situations during warm weather when women will wear dresses and skirts. This is when wearing a thigh holster may be very effective.

A thigh holster is a perfect way to conceal a handgun, yet have it easily available. Most have an adjustable garter and waistband that provide the greatest possible flexibility. A sliding garter loop will give a woman the ability to position the thigh holster to their personal preference.

After purchasing a thigh holster, there are a few things to keep in mind

It’s important to not alter a new thigh holster in any way. This is especially important for the safety devices that are installed on some designs.

Each time a firearm is put into a thigh holster it must fit securely. This secure fit should occur each time the pistol is taken out of the thigh holster, as well as when placed back in it.

The gun user should always put their thumb on the back of the gun’s slide to make certain the side does not move when holstering. Fingers should be away from the trigger, and away from the trigger guard when removing a gun from a thigh holster, or replacing it.

Never place a loaded pistol in a new thigh holster. It’s best to test the holster when the handgun is unloaded in order to safely obtain a proper fit. Things such as grip adapters or trigger shoes and any other pistol modification may cause an improper fit to occur.

Thigh Holster (for women’s concealed carry)

Using a leather thigh holster

One of the drawbacks in using a leather thigh holster is the leather fibers may shrink. When a woman uses the leather holster for the first time it may feel tight. It’s best to not force the handgun into it. Doing this could ruin the fit. To remedy this situation a process known as blocking can be used. During this procedure the barrel of the gun is covered with a few layers of plastic wrap. The handgun covered in plastic wrap is then inserted into the holster and turned from side to side about a dozen times. The handgun should then be left in the leather thigh holster for about fifteen minutes before being removed.

It is the responsibility of a gun owner to make certain their thigh holster continues to fit properly. They should regularly check the holster’s hardware including snap, tension screws and more. It is important to be vigilant during any situation where an attempt at taking a handgun is possible. A proper fitting thigh holster for women may help prevent someone from unlawfully taking a gun owner’s pistol.

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