Pink Tasers Deliver Big Results in a Small Package

by admin on February 14, 2013

[contextazon id='19']Pink tasers are excellent and very effective devices for women’s personal protection. They are not only stylish, they can also be carried in a pocket or purse or in a fashionable matching pink holster when women are out walking, exercising or running errands. Tasers range in strength from 800,000 volts to eight million volts, and they pack a huge punch in a dynamic and small package. Fashion friendly pink tasers are sometimes made to look like lipstick cases or perfume holders. Some are also a traditional square type.

Pink tasers are an effective deterrent

Today more than ever, women benefit from keeping a form of self-defense with them at all times like tasers. When faced with a dangerous situation such as possibly being attacked, it’s nice to know that this highly effective self-defense is available quickly at the touch of a button. Having a stylish pink taser in your pocket or purse provides peace of mind.

Many women feel safer knowing that they have a taser in their purse, pocket or in a handy matching holster so it can be grabbed and used at a moment’s notice. Using a taser will effectively incapacitate a would-be attacker. This gives women who carry tasers valuable seconds or minutes to escape.

Gladiator 7,800,000 V Stun Gun with LED FlashlightFeatures to look for

Features to look for when selecting a taser are things like how many volts are provided and safety switches that keep the taser from accidentally being discharged. Many stylish pink tasers also have LED flashlights that are very helpful in dark places like parking lots. Pretty matching pink holsters make them easy to carry.

Many pink tasers are tiny enough so they are not even noticeable when they are carried in purses or pockets. They also come in a compact sized stun pen style with an LED light and holster. This offers great personal protection for women with a fun and stylish twist. Other things to consider are how often tasers need to be charged. Rechargeable pink tasers are great accessories to have since there is no need for batteries.

Know the law before buying a taser

Taser’s are legal in most states in the United States. However, one should always know the law where they live before buying one. There are some kinds of pink tasers that are very similar to the kind of tasers used by police officers, and a background check might be required before buying one.

There are also targets available for practice using the taser. It might be a good idea to buy a target for practice, especially if you have never used any kind of taser device before. Owning a pink taser gives women peace of mind when seconds count knowing they can safely protect themselves, no matter what situation they might find themselves in.

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