Conceal Your Handgun with a Fanny Pack

by admin on May 3, 2013

[contextazon id='34']To conceal a weapon is to keep it hidden from the public eye. Women who carry a concealed weapon have some unique challenges to face when it comes to where on their body they will wear their concealed weapon. The most practical and easy way is with a concealed carry fanny pack. This is an extremely simple and discreet way for a woman to keep her weapon concealed at all times. It also makes for a very practical, hands-free way to keep it concealed.

Different types of concealed carry fanny packs

Most fanny packs come with a fully adjustable holster and a main compartment with a zippered breakaway pocket. The holster wraps perfectly around your handgun to keep the trigger safe at all times. The case-closure opens quickly allowing you to draw your weapon and shoot a few rounds in only a few seconds. It is sturdy enough to hold the gun extremely well, yet discreet enough that no one would know there was a handgun concealed inside. At the same time, a handgun can easily be substituted for cellphones, flashlights, or anything else you wish to carry with you.

There are both large and small sized fanny packs which are specifically designed to hold a concealed weapon. Some of the pros of carrying a fanny pack are that they do not interfere with your everyday life or activities, they are completely independent from your clothing (you don’t have to wear a loose piece of clothing or jacket to conceal it), it’s extremely easy to use, and helps you to blend in well with others who carry fanny packs for personal use.

DTOM Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Fanny PackConcealed carry fanny packs and women

A fanny pack allows its carrier to keep herself safe and protected at all times without showing that she’s actually carrying anything on her.

If the woman were in a compromising situation and needed to draw her weapon she would be able a matter of seconds. Fanny packs are comfortable, they go well with most casual types of clothing, and help to protect your weapon from all of the elements, such as rain, snow, dust and mud. When choosing the right fanny pack it may be a wise idea to pick on in a color other than black, as black is often an obvious color for a concealed weapon. Most packs are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Some of the cons of wearing a fanny pack are that they don’t always match well with formal style clothing, at times may feel a bit awkward, and most importantly they may be recognized by others that carry a concealed weapon (such as a police officer) may recognize your fanny pack for what it actually is.

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