Choosing Concealed Carry Firearms for Women

by admin on January 2, 2013

[contextazon id='17']The main concern many women have about carrying a pistol on their person is its size and weight. These are important as they impact a woman’s willingness to carry a firearm, but there is much more to consider. The fact is that there are many gun options out there – so many that someone who is not familiar with the world of firearms may be overwhelmed and reluctant to even make a choice. A decent pistol is not a small purchase for most people, and therefore any selection should be made only after careful consideration of a few factors.

Shooting Comfort

Concealed carry guns for women should be small enough to fit in a purse or to carry unobtrusively in a holster. Weight is a factor not just with respect to carrying the weapon but also when it comes to practicing. For a firearm to be of any value to the owner, adequate practice is necessary. A gun owner who is not willing to put in the hours and thousands of rounds (yes, thousands) that it takes to be truly effective would be better off not owning a firearm. A heavy gun may be difficult to carry for some women, in particular those with small hands and petite body-types. It may also be tough to fire repeatedly at the range. Light guns are easier to carry but have the drawback of heavier felt recoil. The decision between heavy and light is one that only the person who will be carrying and shooting the gun should make. Many gun enthusiasts will champion factors like stopping power and magazine capacity but for any of those to matter the shooter has to have put in the range time, and they will not do that if the gun is not first and foremost comfortable. This means that a woman should resolve to choose a weapon that feels good to carry and practice with, regardless of which model and brand the experts recommend. A bad gun is better than no gun at all.


Do stopping power and magazine capacity matter? Yes, they do. However, also important is cost. Remember, practice time is the most important part of the investment in a gun. The cost of bullets fired at the range can add up. For a balance between affordability and the ability to neutralize an attacker, the 9mm is a good bet. 9mm rounds have plenty of stopping power and are almost half the cost of more powerful bullets like the .40 S&W.


The next big factor is choosing an apparatus for carrying the firearm. There are many places that a small pistol can be concealed and many holster options with which to do it. The options include: belt holsters, ankle holsters, puddle holsters, thigh holsters, bra holsters, purse holsters and more.

It is a good idea to own multiple holsters in order to have options for different outfits. The materials used to make holsters are also varied with leather and fabric holsters widely available. In most cases, it will not be necessary to make serious changes to a gun-owner’s wardrobe in order to find the right gun, but buying pieces that are a few sizes larger can help with concealment. It is also important to note that once the weather starts to cool off, concealment will be less of an issue than in the summer. Bulky cold-weather clothes mean that almost any weapon of any size may be carried without drawing attention.

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J. Carpenter January 26, 2013 at 3:54 am

Thanks for the article. I was wondering if you could recommend a model (or a few) in particular, that might be good for women, but that would have limited recoil, and wouldn’t be too heavy? I’d appreciate any suggestions.


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